The Organized Way to Gifting (Giving and Receiving!)

Have you decluttered your home this year?  And tried to be more mindful of what you bring into it?  The upcoming “gift giving” time of year can cause some stress when you know more things are going to be coming in.  So what do you do?

1.  Do Another Clean Out

One of the keys to staying organized is regular decluttering.  I repeat this a lot because we can’t just declutter & organize once and expect our homes to stay that way.  We all constantly have stuff (mail, school papers, new clothes, etc.) coming into our space.  It’s amazing how much accumulates!  So, do another clean out before gifts start arriving. 

2.  Tell Family Members You Have Decluttered and Simplified

Make sure your friends and family know you have decluttered and how much you want to stay organized.  Most importantly, tell them how it makes you feel.  It’s amazing how much “lighter” you and your space can feel when you have decluttered.  It’s so difficult to relax and unwind when your space is filled with stuff.   

3.  Rethink Your Idea of the Perfect Gift

When buying gifts (or giving someone your “wish list”), there are so many great presents that don’t take up space.  Museum memberships, gift cards to a special restaurant, concert tickets, oh my!  Things that can be used are great – like wines from a local vineyard or fancy salts for those that love cooking (I love the Jennifer Fisher salts!).  My mom has given my kids a gift card to a book store so during her next visit, they have a “coffee date” together and pick out a special book.  The actual experience that day is the real special part of that gift – not the actual thing.  There are so many to think of!  Email me if you would like some other ideas. 

Most importantly, enjoy this season with friends & family.  Don’t stress about the stuff.  We can tackle it in January! 

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