Hi! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Jenn, a wife and mother of two awesome kids living in Northern VA. I love a great denim jacket (part of my uniform!), leopard print and pink. I haven’t always been organized but living in a 300 sq. ft studio apartment in NYC really helped me cultivate an organized, pared down lifestyle. There’s no way to have multiple face moisturizers when you can barely turn around in your bathroom!

I started helping my friends and family with their organization projects which quickly turned into them all saying “you really need to start a business” – so that’s what I did! I love helping others and also sharing some of my “fave things” (from organizing tips, new restaurants I’ve tried, clean beauty products & recipes) – hence, organizing with a little extra!

I would love to help you out too! Give me a call so we can chat!

Jenn at The Styled Sort
phone: 571-207-7895

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