Your Kids Are Coming Home From School! And So Is All of Their Stuff!

Recycle those crayons!

The school year is coming to an end and that means lots of “stuff” coming home.  All those papers, art work and leftover supplies can feel pretty overwhelming.  So let’s get prepared so you can handle it all when it arrives!

1.  Storage is key

If you don’t already have a way to store special pieces of art and papers, get set up now – before it all arrives in your home.  I use a large plastic legal file box (from Staples) for each one of my kids.  Inside is a file folder assigned for each school year.  A drawer or standing file cabinet also works well.

2.  Be selective

There is so much that kids bring home from school – especially when they are really young. We can’t keep every math worksheet or coloring sheet so be selective with what you keep. School photos, special pieces of art and writing samples are a good place to start.  There are also so many other ways to preserve school memories.  If you are planning on creating a book filled with photos of their art, be sure to store those pieces in a separate box so they stay preserved.  Or take photos now and dispose of the art.  Be sure to create a folder on your phone or computer just for those photos so they are all in one place. 

3.  Reuse or donate school supplies

If school supplies have returned home, evaluate what can be reused at home, donated or saved for the next school year.  Kids only need so many pencil boxes and scissors!  Don’t let them accumulate.  

If you put together your plan now, all of that “stuff” will feel a lot less overwhelming when it enters your home.  Cheers to the end of the school year!  Wishing you all a great summer!   

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