A Clutter Free Fall Closet With These Three Tips!

The cooler weather has arrived and new fall fashions are out. It’s so easy to click on “add to cart” or grab something new every time you are out. Those new fall sweaters are so tempting! But buying without a plan can easily result in a cluttered closet. Before you start buying, take a look at these three tips to prevent a closet full of clothes you don’t wear.

1.  Take an inventory of your closet

Organize your closet with “like” items together – all of your sweaters in one section, pants in another. Continue with each category. Truly look at what you have. Do you have five grey sweaters?  Are all of your pants black? If it helps, you can write it all down by catergory or use an app like Stylebook.

2.  Determine what you want to add

Now that you know what you have, figure out what you want to add to your wardrobe. Do you have a lot of black sweaters but no navy?  Do your brown boots need to be refreshed this season? Add it to your list. Build your plan before you start to buy.  This is also helpful when you are buying new fall/winter clothes for your kids.  

3.  Don’t buy it just because it’s “on sale”

Sales can easily trap you into buying items you don’t really love or need.  This results in a cluttered closet full of items you don’t wear.  Refer back to the list of items you want to add before buying.

These tips also go for shoes, accessories and coats.  Spend the time to go through what you have (or let me help you!).  When you have items in your closet that you love, you will want to wear them.  Happy Shopping!

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