Let’s “Spring Clean” All That Paper This Month!

With Tax Day (April 18th) around the corner, March is a great time to focus on organizing important papers and documents. We can’t completely eliminate paper from coming into our home but we can easily manage it. So start your spring with these three ways to control that paper clutter:

1.  Keep a “Recycle” Bag or Bin Nearby

One of the easiest ways to keep paper from becoming clutter is by having a designated “recycle” bag or bin.  As I walk to my house from the mailbox, I scan through the mail to see what can be recycled.  Some days, it’s all of the mail!  If you immediately drop it in the recycle bag, there is that much less clutter on your counters.  Be sure to keep it in a prime location (ours lives in the pantry) and don’t forget to train your family.  My kids know exactly where the paper recycle bag is and drop paper in there on their own.

2.  Go Digital

What items can be moved to a digital format?  Do you have bills that can easily be managed digitally?  Or magazines you would like to read on your tablet?  Set a timer, sit down and move what you can to a digital format.  This is a great use of your time because it can dramatically cut down on the amount of paper coming into your home.

3.  Create a Tax Donations Folder

I try to keep the number of folders to a minimum but this one is a must.  When we receive a donation letter or a receipt from a donation drop off, it goes into this folder.  No more scrambling at tax time to find our receipts. 

So, when spring cleaning your home this month, let’s start on cleaning out and organizing your papers. If you would like more paper management tips, please reach out to me at jenn@thestyledsort.com

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