Summer Fun! Put Together Your Plan

Welcome to summer!  This summer sure is looking a little different than others.  Camps have been cancelled, trips revised and we don’t know if the pools will fully open – BUT that doesn’t mean we won’t have fun.  If you put together a plan and are prepared, it can be a great, stress free summer!  Below are some of the items I use to build my summer toolkit and prevent the “I’m bored” from happening.

1.  Ask Your Kids

At the beginning of every summer, I ask the kids what they want to do over summer break.  We put together our “summer list” and post it in the kitchen.  This year’s list will include more stay-at-home activities.  Maybe a campout in the backyard? My kids want to learn how to make crepes.  The ideas are endless.

2.  Stay Cool

Now is the time to refresh your water toys!  Water balloons, water guns, inflatable pools & slides and sprinklers are a lot of fun on hot days.  I like to keep ours tucked away so that I can surprise the kids on a sweltering Virginia day. I surprised them yesterday with a table top snow cone machine!

3.  Stock Up

My kids have been baking a lot lately so I make sure I have all the supplies they need stocked in  the pantry.  Are your kids into crafting?  Create a craft center or update your current one with new materials.  If you have some builders in your house, keep a few extra LEGO sets stored away. 

4.  Use Your Local Resources

Our library just reopened last week but we are still loving using their curbside pick up service.  We already have a long list of books on hold to pick up throughout the summer.  Visit the Beaverdam Reservoir and other NOVA parks for hiking and fishing.

Even though this summer may be a bit different, it can be full of fun if you are organized and prepared.  

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